Gucci Louis Fendi Prada: Basic Bitches Wear That Shit So I Don’t Even Bother

Growing up as a poor girl in the rich world of Newport Beach, then later on the coast of Malibu, I learned the faux importance of name brands. The popular girls & the sorority chicks had the money to wear Gucci, Louis, Fendi and Prada. However, I have never had that luxury. As a child I envied what others had, in high school I resented it, but now I know “basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.”

No, Kreayshawn did not instill this wisdom upon me, I learned this valuable lesson a while back. Name brands do not make you more special or unique they make you predictable and average amongst people who have money. Yes, name brands probably help your “swag” but so does knowing how to rock any label and having a genuine sense of style, not marketed to you buy some devil who wears Prada from vogue.

I rock everything from “hand me downs”, Goodwill, forever 21, Target, J.Crew to Urban Outfitters. When I do go to chained stores, you’ll probably find me rummaging the clearance section. I get gratification from looking good, getting compliments and knowing how little I paid for my ensemble.

It’s not the brand of clothes that matter, it’s about your individualistic style and that is priceless.

As they wise Kreayshawn says, “all you basic ass hoes out there, man I got a room full of bad bitches, they don’t need Gucci, they don’t need Louis #SWAGGIN”