What to do.

Where do I start? Well it’s 9:45am and I’m in bed with only my underwear and last night’s make up on.

I’m exhausted, hopeful and scared all at the same time. I had a date last night. I’ve been going on a lot of date lately but this one scares me the most, because I actually feel a slight inclination of true interest in them. 

 This is bad because I just got out of a 2 year unhealthy relationship. I’ve already dubbed this the year of singlehood and self-development. That person also communicated that they are thinking of moving. So now there’s double trouble. Should we start something that we can’t finish?

 Knowing that there’s NO possible future, should we do it? Should we kiss each other’s sweet lips again, caress the curves of each others bodies, make the innate connection and chemistry between us that much stronger….?

 Or is this an opportunity to grapple with the idea of impermanence and enjoy the moments that this could bring. To learn to be gracious for the time spent and not sad for the time lost.

 We will see.