Play that Funky Music CHEAP GIRL

I might get a lot of thanks or shit for writing this post, but here it goes… I’m going to teach you how to download your favorite music to your iTunes for free! Muahahahah!

Some of you may hate me for this, reasoning that I should support the artists but baby Steve Jobs and Naptster already changed the game, I’m just playing by the new rules. As someone who interned for Universal Music Group and Interscope Records, I know that the artists still get their cut. Instead of relying on album sales, they get money from partnering with big brands like Coco-Cola and tour more often to get bank.

If you want the ability to download any mp3 or convert any youtube video as an mp3 and download instantly, than follow these steps.


Firefox is your best friend. Add-ons are the shiz niz

Go to and download the add-ons Video Downloaderhelper and Easy Youtube Video Downloader


Go to your favorite music website that streams mp3s. One of my favorites is blog aggregator, Then proceed to listen to the song of your choice.

On the upper right hand corner is a circling three ball (yellow, blue, and red) icon. Click down and click the song you want to download (The most recent song played is on top).

Download it to your desktop then proceed to drag the file to your iTunes library and Voila!!

You can now also download music straight from youtube!

You now have a download option on your youtube screen where you can select what format you want to save the video as. After you download the mp3, drag the file to your iTunes.

Enjoy the music your heart desires loves!!


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