Free Festivals!

Never in a million years would I call myself a leather, dominatrix, kinky sex enthusiast, but I will call myself a lover of the Folsom Street Fair. Even though I suffer from an extreme case of penis phobia I was able to walk through a crowd of exposed peens. Penis after penis I smiled with only a mild gag reflex. Their exposure made me fall more in love with San Francisco and the people of the city. Their energy and zest for life was transparent through their leather get-ups and contagious smiles. I’ve never seen so many confident people at once. I mean you have to be pretty ballzy to walk around with your tits and dick exposed. However, the best part of the Folsom Street Fair was that it was FREE!!! Coordinated and run completely by volunteers.

Another amazing thing is the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival which is also FREE. I’m not a fan of bluegrass, but who cares. I’m totally down for the cause of crowds, alcohol and FREE events. I highly advise you to check out free events and festivals near you!


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