Reading Rainbow

Being poor does limit my entertainment abilities.  You can’t watch Netflix all day, otherwise your eyes begin to twitch from too many “bad calls” on streamed movies . So after a Netflix binge on watching the entire season of ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth” in one day, I knew I had to call it quits on my bad TV addiction.

The Cure? An old fashioned book. But the only books I’ve been lugging around for the past four years have been ridiculously priced text books. I needed something new. I decided that going to the the local library would be the perfect way a frugal nutcase like me could get some entertainment.

But I was WRONG! The local library was closed for remodeling. But why does the library need remodeling? No one cares about the decor, when was the last time someone visited the library for its ambiance.? … NEVER!  Anyhow my bff, Kyle suggested we go to a second hand bookstore.

The second hand bookstore had books for 1/3 of the price or less than what you would find at Barnes & Noble. Some books did look ancient and others were in mint condition. I had no idea what I wanted to read. After all I just finished an entire season of a terrible TV show. I did not trust my judgment of entertainment. But then I saw the sign…. QUEER BOOKS! Bingo!

I’ve never read any queer fiction, but have always secretly searched for their presence in other book stores. I browsed through all the titles in the lesbian section and decided on two books. One is a lesbian love story/murder mystery and the other is just a lesbian love story… but literally, that was the title: Anna’s Country: A Lesbian Love Story.

I should have known not to trust my intuition that day. Because once again I picked some bad entertainment. Anna’s Country, is by far the worst book I have ever read! Not only does it reinforce deligitimazing sterotypes about lesbians it’s poorly written with tons of mispelling and gramatical errors. Oh and it’s extremly outdated too, haven been written in 1980. I mean the author uses the phrase “far out” way too many times for my comfort.

Anyhow though my choices in books was a major failure, I am glad that I purchased 3 books for $17. Also when I’m done with them, I can trade them for another book, FOR FREE. That’s right FREE. My favorite word.



2 thoughts on “Reading Rainbow

  1. I beg to differ on the “Switched at Birth” serious lol and aren’t “queer books” the same as other books. The context may be a little different but its STILL a book! Why they have to separate it like it has cooties lol

    • haha I told you I had a binge of bad media lol. Anyhow I wanted to read about lesbian characters for once and unfortunately lesbian characters rarely appear on NY Times Best Sellers but I enjoy all books. I’m reading The Help now. It’s Amazing. You should definitely check it out.

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