Free Festivals!

Never in a million years would I call myself a leather, dominatrix, kinky sex enthusiast, but I will call myself a lover of the Folsom Street Fair. Even though I suffer from an extreme case of penis phobia I was able to walk through a crowd of exposed peens. Penis after penis I smiled with only a mild gag reflex. Their exposure made me fall more in love with San Francisco and the people of the city. Their energy and zest for life was transparent through their leather get-ups and contagious smiles. I’ve never seen so many confident people at once. I mean you have to be pretty ballzy to walk around with your tits and dick exposed. However, the best part of the Folsom Street Fair was that it was FREE!!! Coordinated and run completely by volunteers.

Another amazing thing is the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival which is also FREE. I’m not a fan of bluegrass, but who cares. I’m totally down for the cause of crowds, alcohol and FREE events. I highly advise you to check out free events and festivals near you!


Can’t buy Friends?

I don’t have enough time to sugar coat the reality of my alma mater’s social reputation. I mean it’s kind of too late. It made headlines this year as being ranked the 5th douchiest college by GQ magazine.  But Seriously… most kids come from money and an extreme sense of entitlement plagues the majority of students. It’s like high school all over again but WORST.

Anyhow many first year students feel as though they have to go greek to broaden their network of friends. But it’s sooo not true. The reality is that college is only a temporary  stage of life and after paying thousands of dollars to be part of an “exclusive” network, reality sets in and you’ll once again be thrown into the pits of a new environment and have to make new friends.

Luckily my poor ass has never had to pay for friends or be suspicious of my friends interests in my material things. My broke ass has made friends the old fashion way… winning them through my personality, wit and humor.

In college I made friends through class, friends and parties but now that I do not have the social comfort of school I have found new ways of meeting new people.

1.) When out and about on your way to a pub on public transit too drunk to drive, make convo with the person sitting next to you. In fact talk to everyone in a hearing radius of you. You might get invited to an awesome spotlight themed party at an art gallery turned bar where you meet even more people.

2.) As you stumble out drunk out of one bar searching for the next, talk to other bar hoppers on the street. They could be the neighbors you haven’t met yet.

3.) When bored at home with nothing to do go to and hit the locals up. Meet up for a picnic in the park and Trivia at a Bar. They could be your new rage buddies

4. ) Facebook living in the same area. Catch up. Maybe a new city is the perfect medium for friendship growth.

Reading Rainbow

Being poor does limit my entertainment abilities.  You can’t watch Netflix all day, otherwise your eyes begin to twitch from too many “bad calls” on streamed movies . So after a Netflix binge on watching the entire season of ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth” in one day, I knew I had to call it quits on my bad TV addiction.

The Cure? An old fashioned book. But the only books I’ve been lugging around for the past four years have been ridiculously priced text books. I needed something new. I decided that going to the the local library would be the perfect way a frugal nutcase like me could get some entertainment.

But I was WRONG! The local library was closed for remodeling. But why does the library need remodeling? No one cares about the decor, when was the last time someone visited the library for its ambiance.? … NEVER!  Anyhow my bff, Kyle suggested we go to a second hand bookstore.

The second hand bookstore had books for 1/3 of the price or less than what you would find at Barnes & Noble. Some books did look ancient and others were in mint condition. I had no idea what I wanted to read. After all I just finished an entire season of a terrible TV show. I did not trust my judgment of entertainment. But then I saw the sign…. QUEER BOOKS! Bingo!

I’ve never read any queer fiction, but have always secretly searched for their presence in other book stores. I browsed through all the titles in the lesbian section and decided on two books. One is a lesbian love story/murder mystery and the other is just a lesbian love story… but literally, that was the title: Anna’s Country: A Lesbian Love Story.

I should have known not to trust my intuition that day. Because once again I picked some bad entertainment. Anna’s Country, is by far the worst book I have ever read! Not only does it reinforce deligitimazing sterotypes about lesbians it’s poorly written with tons of mispelling and gramatical errors. Oh and it’s extremly outdated too, haven been written in 1980. I mean the author uses the phrase “far out” way too many times for my comfort.

Anyhow though my choices in books was a major failure, I am glad that I purchased 3 books for $17. Also when I’m done with them, I can trade them for another book, FOR FREE. That’s right FREE. My favorite word.


You Don’t Need a Gym Membership to Get Fit

College just didn’t put me in the hole $30,000 it also gave me 30lbs of extra fattage. With the recent downturn in the economy and my unemployment status, I’m learning ways to shed weight without shedding the dough.

My gay anorexic BFF lives by the motto “If you’re hungry today, eat tomorrow!” But let’s face it, this bitch loves cake. Everyone knows they can lose weight and scapegoat exercise equipment and gym memberships by walking, running, and swimming for free. But that gets old and boring and demands too much dedication and hyperventilation.

Instead I’d rather sweat balls and nail something. Although it’s not sex, working out in a Bikram Yoga studio and building houses with Habitat for Humanity is just as hot and satisfies even more of my needs.

Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga is an intense work out. You sweat like crazy! In a room heated to 105°F, you contour your body into 26 different strenuous poses. It is said that you burn about 900-1500 calories per a 90 minute class. Not only does this help relieve me of my fattage but it also helps relieve stress.  For $29 a month I can attend as many class sessions as I like, which is a steal considering that each class alone is $16.

The picture to the right is of the house that I’m actually helping to build. Yesterday was my first go at it since my Pepperdine PVC days, but this experience was definitely more rewarding. There were only five volunteers at this site, 3 women and 2 men. Can I just say I felt pretty badass lifting a 200 lb beam over my head onto the soon to be roof? From 7:30 am to 2:00 pm I lifted things that were heavier than me and hammered into the toughest wood on a two level scaffold! I’m not sure how many calories I burned that day but I can tell you that I’m sore today. This workout was not only free but I also got to help someone in need which gives me a little sense of purpose in my life of unemployment.