Adults can eat kid’s meals too!

Today I had lunch with my friend in Santa Rosa. Apparently it’s the biggest town closest to Sonoma though I  found it quite adorable and small.

My best friend and partner in frugalness decided to eat at Rubio’s. I haven’t dined at the chained mexican grill establishment since I was a kid. As a child I loved their churro’s and  I nostalgically ordered a kids meal. For just under $5 I had a delicious bean and cheese burrito, Refried cheesy beans, a churro, chips, and a drink. I was full before the burrito was finished and I had to fight my tummy to finish the chips.

It’s good to know that you can stuff your face full with delicious food out with your friends for under $5 bucks. Although, the lady at the register gave me the stink eye for ordering a kids meal because it was clearly for myself. Oh well, I’m full and she’s probably still hating her job with or without people like me.


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