Running Low on Meal Points?

Before you panic know that you have options before swiping that credit card.

1. Some colleges have special programs that allow you to dine with professors on the school’s dime. This is a great opportunity to not only establish relationships with your professors but get you both a free meal.

2. You may have been a very hungry caterpillar this semester but maybe your friends haven’t been. Since it’s the end of the year, student’s with a surplus of points just want to get rid of them. Take advantage of this and buddy up with a friend with many points. Don’t be shy.

3. If you lack social skills and can’t get a lunch with a friend or a professor, brown bag it. Good old homemade turkey sandwiches, juice boxes and snacks still hit the spot.

4. By no means am I advocating theft but if you’re daring and desperate enough, the grab and go plan is an option.


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